Dentists in Bayshore NY on Mouth Healthy Foods

Your Bayshore NY general dentist recommends consumption of certain foods if you wish to naturally whiten your teeth. Many foods contain certain properties that can help to remove dental plaque and help to make you teeth a shape or so whiter!


1. Celery:


Celery is a great snack. It has many health benefits aside from helping to prevent cavities and to whiten teeth. Celery requires a lot of chewing, and therefore, more saliva production. Saliva can help to wash away bacteria and reduce acid attacks against the teeth.


Additionally, since celery is a naturally abrasive vegetable, it can help to massage the gums and clean between the teeth. Celery is always a great go-to snack.


2. Strawberries:


Believe it or not, regardless of their redness, strawberries can actually help to whiten your teeth. This type of fruit, as well as many other berries, contains an enzyme that can naturally whiten your teeth. You can mash up a strawberry, rub it along your teeth, and then rinse and floss afterwards to improve your smile!


3. Seeds:


Seeds, such as sesame seeds, can help to eliminate some of the dental plaque from the surface of our teeth. As a result, our teeth may appear a shade whiter. These seeds can even help to strengthen the enamel and the bones surrounding teeth because they are high in calcium.


4. Cheese:


Cheese is another great snack if you wish to maintain a healthy, white smile. Cheese can be extremely beneficial because it can help to balance pH levels in the mouth. Cheese is high in calcium as well as phosphate.


5. Green Tea:


Green tea contains a substance known as catechins, a substance that can help to kill the bacteria in your mouth that convert sugar into plaque. As another added benefit, these catechins can also wipe out some of the bad-breath-causing bacteria found in the mouth!


These are some great and beneficial foods for both your overall health and your oral health. However, if you wish to drastically whiten your teeth, you should contact your Bayshore NY general dentist to learn about your other options.


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