Explore Porcelain Veneers at Bay Dental Health for a Smile that is Uniquely You


Cosmetic dentistry is an artistic endeavor that our team greatly enjoys. Taking advantage of the latest technologies and dental materials, we make dramatic improvements to our patients’ smiles. If there are imperfections in your teeth that cause you to feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, there are several options to consider. One treatment that continues to achieve outstanding results is porcelain veneers.

What to know about Porcelain Veneers

One of the primary advantages of porcelain veneers to correct cosmetic flaws in the smile is the versatility of this treatment. Whether you have a single tooth that appears slightly turned, or you have resistant staining that has dulled the brightness of your entire smile, it is possible to renew and refresh your appearance with this straightforward cosmetic process.

One of the common concerns that patients considering porcelain veneers have is making a permanent commitment to a cosmetic change that they fear may diminish the authenticity of their appearance. Rest assured, when you choose an experienced cosmetic dentist to perform this work, painstaking steps will take place in order to achieve natural beauty.


We understand that you have numerous options in dentists in Bay Shore, NY. Dr. Antenucci is recognized for his attention to detail in cosmetic dental treatments. Our patients are involved in the process of transforming their smiles from start to finish. From the first consultation during which cosmetic concerns and expectations are discussed, it is teamwork that we foster. Cosmetic changes that enhance your smile come from collaboration, and from thorough care on the part of your dentist and the ceramist who fabricates your final restorations.


Historically, dental veneers have been made from materials such as composite resin. In some cases, such as very small chips or cracks, this type of veneer may still be appropriate. However, when there are larger concerns to be addressed, porcelain is ideal. This is because of the similarities shared between this material and your natural enamel. The use of porcelain, combined with artistic technique that mimics everything from shading to the tiny ridges and translucency at the edges of teeth, enables you to enjoy long-lasting, authentic beauty every time you smile.


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