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Here at Bay Dental Health Center, our patients are our number one priority. We understand how much their smile means to them, so it means a lot to us, as well. That's why we have an entire section of our website filled with informational blogs and articles related to all things dentistry. Whether it's about how to take care of your teeth when you're traveling or protecting your teeth during physical activities, Dr. Antenucci wants his patients to have all of the information they need to make their smile the best it can be.


Below, we've listed the months of 2015 that have blogs with their topics bulleted. If you have any questions about the blogs, our procedures, or you want to schedule an appointment with your Bay Shore cosmetic dentist, then call Bay Dental Health Center today at (631) 665-8484.




January 2015

  • Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • What Causes Cavities?
  • Top Reasons for Bleeding Gums
  • 5 Foods to Whiten Teeth


February 2015

  • All About Dental Plaque
  • Benefits of Fluoride
  • Keeping Your Gums Nice, but Not Swell


March 2015

  • Taming Those Sensitive Teeth
  • Dispelling Dental Myths
  • Choosing a Toothbrush
  • Treat Anxiety with Sedation


April 2015

  • Bad Mouth Foods
  • What is Preventive Dentistry?
  • Maintaining and Storing Your Brush
  • It's All Fun and Games
  • Natural Teeth Remedies


May 2015

  • Stain, Stain Go Away
  • Acids Eating Your Teeth
  • The Battles of the Brushes
  • Speech Disorder Severity


June 2015

  • Gum > Flossing?
  • Men's Health Month
  • Best Snacks for Your Teeth
  • Why Are My Teeth Yellow?


July 2015

  • The Founder of Dentistry
  • Top Ways to Beat Bad Breath
  • Clean Teeth On-the-Go
  • Myths of Mouthwash
  • Drinking Water & Dental Benefits


August 2015

  • Root Canal Rumors
  • Ignoring Flossing Routine
  • Dental Symptoms to Look For
  • Dry Mouth Treatment


September 2015

  • Teeth Grinding Tips
  • Harmful Snacks for You
  • Why to Wear to a Mouth Guard
  • Share Your Smile with Invisalign


November 2015

  • How Does Fluoride Help?
  • Natural Whitening Ways
  • Nighttime Oral Care Tips
  • For Our Smiles, We are Thankful


December 2015

  • Don't Let Diet Sodas Fool You!
  • The Plaque Prevention Plan
  • Avoid Tooth Decay
  • A Healthy Holiday Smile