Helping You Find a Dentist in Bay Shore NY that Tells the Truth about Dental Decay


While it may seem obvious, taking care of your smile by brushing and flossing everyday matters! There have been studies that show people admitting to skipping a brushing session every once in a while and even though it may seem harmless, those can catch up to you and your smile. Are you looking to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that tells you the truth about your dental health? Look no further than Dr. Antenucci at Bay Dental Health!


Tooth decay has become a serious epidemic in the US, affecting more and more citizens every day. Many patients believe that if they don’t see or feel anything wrong with their smile, there’s nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, by the time that they may notice that something’s wrong, it could be too late and become detrimental to their existing, natural teeth.


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