Family Dentist in Bay Shore Shares Ways to Provide a Healthy Smile for their Children during School


The new school year is here! Kids are packing up their brand new backpacks with school supplies and wearing their best outfit, ready to start their journey into a new grade. But before they go, we want help parents to get their kids in the swing of things, too, and that includes making sure that their smile is in top shape. Your family dentist in Bay Shore provides some dental tips to help children keep their teeth healthy on a daily basis while they’re back in school.


First and foremost, we believe that scheduling an appointment for a routine checkup will encourage your children to take care of their teeth, whether they’re at home or at school. Also, feel free to ask us about the best toothpaste to use at home, one that has a healthy amount of fluoride in order to fight against cavities and work to build protective minerals for your enamel. Did you know that a third of children end up missing school due to oral and dental health-related problems? We want to avoid this so children are benefitting from their education at all times.


Once school starts, we urge parents to pack their children’s lunches so they can avoid being tempted by any other harmful, unhealthy snacks that are available in the cafeteria. Try to skip out on candies, sodas, cookies, chips, and fruit juices. These all contain a high amount of sugar and acidity that can quickly destroy a child’s smile if it is frequently consumed. Like we mentioned before, a third of children miss school because of dental issues—don’t let this be one of them!


Instead of packing sweets and treats, try packing healthy alternatives like carrots, celery, milk, water, different types of nuts, and even cubes of cheese.


A final tip for the day is to make sure that your child is brushing and flossing their teeth every morning and night. Don’t be afraid to try and make it fun so that they enjoy their two-minute cleaning! Play music, provide a reward system with stickers, and even join them in their routine will encourage them to brush and floss every day.


For more helpful tips, call your family dentist in Bay Shore to schedule an appointment for your children today! Contact us at (631) 665-8484.