Bayshore NY Dentist Explains Benefits of Fluoride Consumption

Your Bayshore NY dentist recommends using a toothpaste and mouth rinse containing fluoride. Fluoride can be extremely beneficial for your teeth and can help to prevent cavities. Certain patients may benefits more from fluoride than others.


What is fluoride?


Fluoride is a mineral that can help to strengthen the teeth and protect them from decaying. Fluoride occurs naturally in water and many foods. However, is available from your dentist in other forms. It helps to protect cavities by nourishing enamel.


Different forms of fluoride:


Fluoride comes in many different forms. The most common way that people obtain fluoride is by using fluoridated toothpaste and mouth rinses. Often water has fluoride added to it as well. If you need more sources of fluoride, there are other forms as well.


Your Bayshore NY dentist can administer fluoride in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. These treatments are a more concentrated form of the mineral, and, therefore, are much stronger. You can also ask your dentist about prescribing fluoride tablets or in a liquid form.


How is fluoride administered?


The most common ways that dentists will administer fluoride are as a gel, foam, and varnish. If they are being applied as a gel, your dentist will either paint it on or apply it using a mouth guard. Varnishes are painted on the teeth, and foams are put into a mouth guard, and then applied to the teeth for 1-4 minutes.


Who benefits from fluoride?


Everyone can benefit from fluoride consumption. However, fluoride is more crucial to those between the ages of 6 months and 16 years because this is the time period that the primary and permanent teeth develop and grow in.


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