Eugene Antenucci DDS Can Help you if you're Trying o Find a Dentist in Bay Shore NY

If you’re trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY, contact Eugene Antenucci DDS at Bay Dental Health Center. Dr. Antenucci can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. At Bay Dental Health, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options to choose from. Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry can be extremely beneficial to your health if you suffer from a dental emergency or if you have missing teeth.


Many people do not care for their teeth properly and, as a result, lose their teeth due to tooth decay. However, no matter what the cause of your missing teeth is, dental restorations can help to restore the function and give your smile a better appearance.


If a tooth has begun to decay, dental restorations can prevent the decay from spreading further. They can alleviate pain you may feel in your bite, and they can prevent the teeth from shifting due to spaces where the missing teeth were.  Most importantly, they can restore normal dental functions. Missing teeth may cause speech impediments, as well as difficulty and pain when chewing.


There are vast arrays of dental restorations to choose from: Crowns, Veneers, Implants, Dentures, etc.! The best option for you depends on your unique dental situation. Some procedures take longer than others, and some procedures also last longer.


The most common restorative procedure is dental fillings. Dental fillings are typically used to fill gaps caused by dental carries. This restorative option, however, is only a solution when the gap or cavity is smaller. Typically this procedure involved the gap being closed using a natural tooth-colored material known as composite resin.


If you are missing a tooth, have a cavity, or have gaps in your teeth, call (631) 665-8484 to find out how Eugene Antenucci DDS can help you. Click here to schedule an appointment or consultation for your dental restoration.