Eliminate Bad Oral Health Habits with Our 11706 Area Family Dentist

Everyone has that one bad habit that they can’t seem to break. It may be that you bite your nails whenever you’re nervous or overspending at the mall. However, your bad habit might also be something that significantly affects your oral health. Here are some common bad dental hygiene habits and tips on how to quit.
#1 Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
You’ve probably heard about this one 1000 times, and it almost goes without saying. Nevertheless, smoking still accounts for almost half a million deaths each year according to the CDC. Few people realize that smoking doesn’t just mean consuming a pack a day by yourself. Your oral health can be affected by social smoking as well as secondhand smoke. Talk to your doctor about the best, healthiest ways to quit so that you can start reducing your risk of contracting oral cancer today. Along with more natural remedies such as exercise or emotional support from family and friends, patients can find over the counter aids like gums and patches to facilitate the process of quitting. 
#2 Not Brushing At Night
Few would probably admit to this, but forgetting to brush your teeth at night now and then is fairly common. Perhaps you got home super late from work, or you forgot to pack a toothbrush in your suitcase. Whatever the reason may be, consistently forgetting to brush your teeth twice a day can have a bigger impact on your smile than you may think. An excellent way to remind yourself is to set a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget later on. Also, consider packing a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste in your car so that you’ll have an extra if you’re ever stuck at work or school. 
#3 Not Flossing
For many patients, flossing is simply uncomfortable and time-consuming. Even though the dentist continues to recommend that you floss regularly, it’s hard to find it within you to commit to doing so at least every other day. Flossing is essential to keeping your gums healthy and preventing conditions like tooth decay and gingivitis. If you simply don’t like flossing, think about purchasing a special floss pick in which the string is already taut. This will save you time and is a lot easier to use. 
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