Dentists in Bay Shore Serving Brentwood & Beyond

Patients living in the hamlet of Brentwood NY have been relying upon Dr. Antenucci at Bay Dental Health for years and years now. And in a tradition not quite as old as "Hamlet" itself, the doctor has been practicing and providing Brentwood patients with absolute best in general, cosmetic, advanced and restorative dental procedures.


Restoring ones smile to the stunning way it used to be is one of the main focuses of your Bay Shore NY dentist. Throughout the years, the teeth can crowd, become chipped, blemished, fall out and suffer various other ill fates. 


Dr. Antenucci takes a comprehensive stance on these instances, especially when they can represent numerous circumstances all at once, with full mouth reconstruction. He may plan on combining calculated procedures, such as dental implants, bridges, crowns and more to restore your smile. These plans are completely individualized and will be reviewed with the patient to make sure they match their overall goals, cosmetically, as well as financially.


To find out more about your dentist in Bay Shore serving Brentwood NY- call Bay Dental Health today at (631) 665-8484.