Resolve and Restore Your Smile with Your Bay Shore Cosmetic Dentist


In every person, there is a strong desire to feel attractive. It doesn't matter how old you are, feeling good about your appearance means feeling good in general. Studies demonstrate that good-looking teeth are important to our sense of confidence, and also that they are integral in the success that we experience in life. That's right! Your teeth have a part in everything from your job interview to your next date. This is because we have the tendency to perceive smile characteristics as traits. For instance, there are a few common problems that give the perception of age. When your cosmetic dentist in Bay Shore NY helps you resolve these problems, you can look years younger.


A Dingy Smile

Enamel is a hard shell that lies over other, softer tooth materials. While it looks very solid, there are thousands of pores across this layer of each tooth. In these pores, tiny molecules collect from the foods you eat and beverages that you drink. This is why your dentist may recommend that you rinse your mouth with water after a cup of coffee. Over several years of collection, the particles from your favorite foods eventually block out a large percentage of light that would normal reflect off of enamel, giving the brilliant appearance you want. Luckily, removing these particles is easy! Just schedule your visit with us and we will set you up with the professional grade whitening gel you need to really make your smile stand out.


Long Teeth

As we age, teeth may begin to look longer. No, they haven't grown; your gums may have shrunk. Actually, gum recession is a prevalent problem among adults, and not just the oldest of the bunch. As much as 40% of men and women in their thirties exhibits evidence of gum recession. This problem may stem from infection, or it could even be caused by your tooth-brushing technique. Go easy on your gums! You could actually be wearing them down with a hard hand and stiff toothbrush bristles.


No Teeth

Tooth loss is not a normal part of aging! It is a consequence of poor oral health. We are serious about helping our patients keep their teeth as long as possible. If tooth loss occurs, we discuss the benefits of root replacement with dental implants.


It is not enough to replace teeth only. When this approach is taken, there is nothing beneath the gums to transfer force from chewing. Through research (and trial and error) dentists have discovered that roots are crucial to bone regeneration in the jaw. Without regeneration, bone decreases. Without adequate bone, the face falls inward and you look older.


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