Best Dentist in Bay Shore Helps Advise Patients on How to Avoid Cavities

The Best Dentist in Bay Shore NY has seen many patients with cavities. Most people are aware that poor oral hygiene and consumption of sugary foods and beverages can increase the risk of developing cavities. There are, however, other cavity-causing culprits that may surprise you:


1.  People with allergies are more prone to cavities. Typically, when someone has a sinus infection or allergies, they take medication. Certain medications, such as Benadryl, cause dry mouth, which in turn can increase the likelihood of a cavity.


2. Depression: Often people that are diagnosed with depression are on medications. These medications have the same effect as allergy medicines and can cause dry mouth. If you are on medications, constantly hydrating yourself with water is a great way to avoid dry mouth.


3. Vitamin water: Many people read the word “vitamin” and assume that it is healthy and good for them. Although it may be good in some aspects, vitamin water tends to be highly acidic and can damage and weaken your enamel.


4. Sports drinks: Like vitamin water, sports drinks are also highly acidic. Not only that but they are loaded with added sugar. It is best to stick with water when working out or playing sports. The best dentist in Bay Shore suggests drinking water instead. Water can help to keep you hydrated without damaging your teeth.


5. Starchy foods: New discoveries have found that starchy foods may be worse for your teeth than sugary foods. This is because the starches take longer to dissolve than sugar which gives it more time to attack the enamel.


6. Dried fruits: dried fruits contain high amounts of sugar and are sticky. This means that they are more likely to stick to your teeth for longer periods of time, and in turn, more cavities are likely to be prevalent.


These are just some of the many different things that can contribute to the occurrence of cavities. To avoid developing cavities in your mouth, be sure to brush twice daily, floss at least once a day, and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. And be sure not to forget about your dental checkups!


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