Ensure Your Children are Getting a Healthy Smile with Your Dentist near Central Islip NY

Having a healthy family is always the top priority for a parent and we agree! We want all of our patients to leave our office, proud to share their smile with the world. That's why we not only provide dental services for adults but for children, as well. Your dentist near Central Islip NY is your one-stop shop for your family's dental care.


Having top oral hygiene is something that's created over time and it starts as a child! Keeping up with your children's dental care visits, including their routine cleanings and exams, will ensure that their smile stays healthy and strong. This will help teach them the importance of visiting the dentist, as well, letting them learn how to properly clean and floss their teeth and how to maintain a healthy diet. Parents must be sure to help their children clean their teeth every morning and night to get them into the habit so they won't have to deal with harmful cavities and other dental issues in their future.


Here at Bay Dental Health, we provide detailed brushing and flossing for both the child and their family to help make their care at home and on the go a bit easier. We also have an open discussion with families that their children are eating all of the best nutritious and beneficial not only to their teeth, but to their overall health, as well.


To schedule an appointment for you and your family with your dentist near Central Islip NY, call our office at (631) 665-8484.