Bayshore NY Dentist Shares Importance of Children’s Oral & Dental Care for the Month of February


The month of February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, where dentists around the world help share the importance of dental and oral health. Children’s dental health has become a necessary topic to discuss due to the growing concern over a global increase of tooth decay. The issue has raised some red flags among dentist professionals as they research what may be the cause of this serious issue.


Tooth decay occurs when teeth are exposed to an abundance of acid created by a buildup of plaque. Enamel around the teeth softens and, if left untreated, will result in cavities. Oral health can greatly affect your overall wellness and should be taken very seriously.


Your Bay Shore NY dentist will further discuss why this campaign is so important and how to execute proper oral and dental care for children.


It is really important to create a routine for children when teaching them about oral hygiene. This could be as simple as making sure they brush their teeth every morning and night. Always use toothpaste with fluoride to add an extra layer of protection against plaque buildup. Encourage flossing daily to get rid of food from those hard to reach places. Also, a well balanced diet can aid in oral hygiene. And of course, take kids in for regular checkups! The best way to treat an oral health issue is to prevent one from happening. Having bad dental hygiene can lead to illness and absence from school and activities. Taking steps now to prevent dental issues in the future will help ensure that your child is happy and healthy.


There are countless books, tips, brochures and campaigns that promote the importance of dentistry. This awareness isn’t only for children, but for teens and adults alike! Dental decay is easily avoidable but is still one of the most common diseases that affect thousands of people. Ignoring your dental health could result in a tooth abscess, chewing pain, swelling or pus around the gums, broken teeth, or even tooth loss. Having a regular routine is also important for adults and your teeth need some individual attention. Don’t skip out on flossing and add fluoride mouthwash to your daily regimen. The team at Bay Shore Dental also want you to consider dental sealants which could prevent the buildup of plaque in the back grooves of teeth, which are often overlooked.


Make sure that you’re constantly taking care of your smile by scheduling an appointment with your Bay Shore NY dentist by calling today at (631) 665-8484. Share this campaign with friends and family to begin your journey to a healthy smile!