Dentists in Bay Shore NY Talk Toothbrush Options

Brushing twice daily, for at least two minutes per session, is the recommended regimen for at home tooth care by your Dentists in Bay Shore NY. While the “wear and tear” on your brush should be apparent after just about a month or so, you should be replacing your brush about every 3-4 months to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of your routine.


After throwing out that old brush, however, you may face a dilemma. Something close to 100 different colors, sizes, companies and price ranges of toothbrushes will be staring you down as you walk through the oral health aisle, but, what one do you pick? At the very core of the choice is usually one defining characteristic, and below are some pros and cons of each side. The choice is yours: manual, or electric?


The original toothbrush, the manual, is still a go-to for many to this day for a variety of factors. This brush features a multitude of colors, ease of portability and a low price tag that can satisfy any shopper’s budget. In fact, many times you can score one for free just by keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your Dentists in Bay Shore NY. The “problem,” and that term is used lightly, is the effort and accuracy required out of the manual brush in order for it to be an efficient option. Not every patient has the perfect brushing technique or delegates the appropriate time towards brushing (both you can read more about in our FAQ), which can result in oral health issues in the long run.


If you feel that timing or technique may be an issue you are having, maybe the electric option is the one for you. Several times over, the electric toothbrush has been proven as more effective in removing plaque in the teeth, all with less effort required. The automatic spinning heads move at the perfect pace, at the perfect size, while many incorporate built-in timers to keep you strict on a “2-minute drill.” The only real downsides to consider for electric would be that they are less portable, easier to break and typically more expensive than their manual counterparts.


Rather you decide on the classic manual or the updated electric toothbrush, using it the proper way and using it at all are the most important things you can do to keep your oral health pristine. If you feel your brush has gotten the better of you or you are still having trouble deciding, call your Dentists in Bay Shore NY, Bay Dental Health at (631) 665-8484 today!