Find a Dentist in Bayshore NY with Tips on Healthy Teeth While You’re Out


Even though you’ve brushed your teeth that morning, you may have that uncomfortable feeling in your mouth after you drink or eat something that makes you want to clean your teeth again. It isn’t very likely for many people to carry around a toothbrush and toothpaste—even less likely that that person has a spare for you to use—so sometimes it’s difficult to get that fresh feeling until you go home. If going home isn’t an option, whether because it’s out of your way or you have no time, then how are you going to keep your teeth clean until then? Luckily, the best choice is for you to find a dentist in Bayshore NY who has all the right tips, and Bay Dental is here for you!


If you’re not comfortable carrying around a toothbrush and toothpaste around with you, then there are other quick options that will help clean your teeth and even freshen your breath!


This may sound obvious, but people don’t usually assume this, either! Drinking water will be able to rinse your mouth out after eating or drinking something that is damaging your teeth. It’s going to get all the surface bacteria off and can easily give your mouth a fresher feeling than before. Try doing this after every meal and snack and it’ll become a natural habit.


Travel Floss
Many patients admit that they hardly floss, if at all, when they’re practicing their daily routine of brushing their teeth in the morning and night. If you’re unable to brush when you’re out and about, flossing will certainly make your mouth feel fresher than before. If you floss after eating a meal and rinse your mouth out with water, your teeth and gums will be healthier than if you were to skip out. If you have trouble flossing in the morning and at night, carrying around floss may help you increase your chances of flossing during the day.


When you Snack, Snack Healthy
Sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge of snacking. It’s something to do with our hands and can satisfy the little bit of hunger that we have before a bigger lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, snacking on something like chips, pretzels or candies will do a lot more damage than the lunch or dinner you’re bound to have. Most snacks have the definite chance of getting stuck in your teeth and stick around in between your teeth along with other hard to reach places. Eating snacks like apples, celery, and even cheese will not only freshen your breath but keep your teeth decay-free!


If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your teeth fresh, clean and healthy when you’re on-the-go, find a dentist in Bayshore NY that will give you the answers that you need! Call this number (631) 665-8484 or request an appointment today!