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Most of the time, a child’s oral health is not given much attention. Why should we? Their teeth are not yet permanent anyway. The truth is chronic childhood illnesses that spring from poor oral health habits can give rise to a variety of bigger complications such as problems with speech and eating, infections, and poor social skills.


In this article, we have gathered some of the most common orthodontic problems in children and their causes.


Tooth Decay

According to pediatric dentists, tooth decay is the leading problem in a child’s oral health. This is often caused by bacteria that feed on carbohydrate-rich foods like sweets and soft drinks. These bacteria then form acid-producing plaque that attacks the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay.


Bad Breath

Bad breath is due to several dental causes, including poor dental hygiene habits, dry mouth, and gum diseases. It can also be the result of other health complications such as diabetes, digestive problems, and chronic sinusitis. Medication side effects are also a common cause of bad breath.



Children often find comfort in certain objects and habits. This is the reason why most babies tend to get overly attached to a blanket or a stuffed toy. In other cases, they turn to habits they find relaxing, such as thumb or finger sucking. These habits are often overlooked by most parents, and you can't blame them as the society thinks thumb sucking is normal.  However, it is essential for parents to mind these habits and check for harmful effects to both oral and psychological health.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be a burden to children and teenagers. If not treated, these could lead to the wearing out of the tooth enamel, gum recession, and even dental cracks. Various restorations and treatments could help fix tooth sensitivity such as desensitizing toothpaste and fluoride-based treatment.

Gum Disease

Clinically known as gingivitis, gum disease is the result of gum tissue inflammation due to excessive plaque build-up and poor oral hygiene habits. This is often characterized by bleeding and swollen gums, as well as bad breath.



Targeting orthodontic complications during the child's early developmental years is a necessary step to maintaining oral health. To prevent future complications, parents must act on them immediately.