Your 11706 Family Dentist Shares Helpful Procedures for Restorative Choices


While the ultimate goal is to keep your original smile, that’s not always the case. Patients can suffer from dental issues and accidents, causing your smile to lack the shine that it once had. Thankfully, your 11706 family dentist provides restorative dentistry options at our office that can bring your smile back to the one you’ve always wanted—one that’s happy, healthy and bright! Learn more about what restorative dentistry can do for you and what procedures that our practice offers.


Restorative dentistry allows your professionals to manage any oral health problems and restore your teeth to a functional and preferable aesthetic state. There are a number of procedures available that can improve your smile varying from levels of difficulty and the time that it takes. When you’re deciding on which restorative service to choose, your dentist will help create the best plan that works for you. You’ll want a procedure that improves your smile, but also works well for the natural teeth that you have.


Here are some of the available options that our practice offers:


This is an effective and popular approach for missing teeth, especially for patients who want a faster solution to replacing their smile. We can give you a full or partial set of dentures, depending on the amount of teeth that are missing. They are removable for when you sleep, but make it possible for patients to chew, talk and eat with much more ease. They give the ability to have a natural-looking smile.


Dental Implants
This option is also extremely popular and an alternative to dentures. Dental implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth, giving you a natural-looking smile without having to remove or adjust anything. This procedure completely restores the mouth back to its full functionality and capability so you can eat, smile and speak with confidence! Not only do dental implants give you a full smile, but it also protects the structure of your face from appearing sunken and dark.


To learn more about our restorative dentistry options, or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact your 11706 family dentist today by calling (631) 665-8484.