Bayshore NY General Dentist Talks about What Happens if You Sleep with Your Mouth Open


When people wake up in the morning, it’s quite commonly that they experience an uncomfortable feeling in their mouth. This is most likely due to sleeping with your mouth open. While this doesn’t seem important, it can actually cause some serious dental problems in the future. Below, your Bayshore NY general dentist discusses why people who sleep with their mouth are at risk for tooth decay.


Researchers have created a study that measured the amount of pH levels in participants’ saliva. With the tests that were forced to breathe with their mouth open during the night, they had an average pH level of 6.6, which is actually considered acidic. There were even some of the participants who had a low level of 3.6, which distinctly damages the minerals that are working to protect your teeth.


The protective minerals are created within saliva and coat your teeth in order to strengthen your enamel. Saliva helps protect against decay, but there is less stimulation when a person is sleeping, which makes your teeth more vulnerable. Combined with sleeping with their mouth open, these patients are more likely to suffer from tooth decay. Your teeth aren’t being protected by saliva if your mouth is dried out.


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