Bay Shore NY Cosmetic Dentist Educates Patients on Dental Bonding

As a Bay Shore NY Cosmetic Dentist, Eugene Antenucci DDS knows that dental emergencies happen all the time. We constantly see patients with cracked and broken teeth. Luckily, we know how to handle all different kinds of situations.


If you crack or break your teeth, there are different procedures you can choose from to fix the problem. Be sure to contact your Bay Shore NY cosmetic dentist as soon as the emergency takes place. If the crack has extended to the nerve of the tooth, this could result in pain as well as other problems.


If it is just a slight crack or a small chip, you Bay Shore NY cosmetic dentist can use dental bonding to restore your smile. Dental bonding is an easy and painless procedure that provides a quick solution for a cracked or chipped tooth.


What is dental bonding?


Dental bonding involves using a specialized application of white resin to a damaged portion of your tooth. It is a great fix for many reasons; it is painless and the material used will watch your teeth so no one will even know you had the procedure done.


What is dental bonding used for?


Dental bonding has many different uses in the dental world. Your Bay Shore NY dentist uses it for cracked and chipped teeth, to fill gaps between teeth, for filling cavities, to help repair tooth decay, and sometimes even to help align crooked teeth.


The composite resin material is matched to the color of your own teeth to ensure that it will look natural when you smile. It is applied directly to the tooth and then cured and hardened using a special light.


Advantages of dental bonding:


Dental bonding is cheaper than some of the other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Not only that, but the procedure is quick, painless, and your Bay Shore NY cosmetic dentist can fix more than one tooth at a time! Bonding can be completed on both child and adult patients.


To find out if dental bonding is right for you, contact your Bay Shore NY cosmetic dentist by calling (631) 665-8484 to schedule an appointment.