Dental Needs During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body drastically. Women experience physical changes such as weight gain, swollen hands and feet, and potentially dental issues. Most women are so pre-occupied with other health concerns while pregnant, that they overlook their oral health.

Dental Problems During Pregnancy


Some dental issues that may occur during pregnancy include:
- Red or Swollen Gums
This dental issue has been termed as “pregnancy gingivitis.” It is often attributed to the change in hormones women experience while pregnant.
- Enamel Damage
A common ailment of pregnancy is morning sickness. When a person vomits frequently, the strong acids within your stomach can begin to wear down the enamel on your teeth. 
- Pregnancy Tumors
Pregnancy tumors are non-cancerous growths that develop as red bumps on the gum line. They usually appear during the second trimester and disappear after giving birth.

Your Oral Health and Pregnancy


Having good oral health is imperative throughout your life, and even more important while pregnant. There have been several issues linked to pregnant women who also had poor oral health. These issues include:
- Premature contractions
- Premature birth
- Low newborn birth weight
- Newborn infections
Schedule dental appointments regularly with your dentists in Bayshore, NY. We can monitor your oral health and help to ensure the health of your unborn baby. Most dentists will not perform major procedures on pregnant patients as to not put stress on the baby. However, routine cleanings and checkups are strongly encouraged by dentists and medical professionals.