Dentist in Bayshore NY on Sores and More

Although every patient trying to find a dentist in Bayshore NY to relieve their dental issue may experience problems differently, it is the basics of symptoms that allow for diagnosis and treatment. While something like a headache can have many causes, ranging from dental to diet and more, dental related issues can sometimes boil down to a few more specific instances than others.


Today your Bayshore dentist will be reviewing some of the most common symptoms seen in patients, and what they could be indicative of:


Mouth Sores

A variety of sores can inhabit the mouth for a number of reasons. From cold to canker or just general irritation- they can range from harmless to more serious. If any sore in your mouth is reoccurring or lasts for longer than a week, an assessment and/or oral cancer screening from our Bayshore NY dental office may be the best plan of action.



It is estimated that about half of the world’s population deal with teeth sensitivity at some point, but what could it mean if it strikes you? The most common cause is diet, like exposure to too many acidic or sugary options that over time wear away the enamel of the teeth. This wearing away can lead to nerve exposure and sensitivity. Other known causes could be gum recession or disease, or teeth fracture- which, of course, need to all be treated in their own ways.


Bleeding Gums

Most patients will first notice they have bleeding gums while brushing their teeth, which can many times be the very thing they are pointing to. Usually, an underdone amount of brushing and flossing can lead to gum inflammation and bleeding. If the routine is not improved, severe gum disease, structural/tissue damage and more can result.


For any prolonged ache or oral health issue, do not assume you know the cause. Contact our Bayshore NY dental office right away to schedule an assessment and to seek the proper treatment you need.


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