Bayshore, NY area general dentist offers digital x-rays


A general dentist is a dental professional who assists with preventative solutions and oral health care treatments to achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. Dr. Eugene Antenucci of the Bayshore, NY area can help new and existing patients with a wide range of treatments including cleanings, x-rays, examinations, and fillings. His practice, Bay Dental Health, is excited to offer state-of-the-art technologies for patients including digital x-rays.


X-rays are a diagnostic tool. They allow a general dentist to evaluate the health of the smile where the naked eye cannot see. This means that the bone of the jaw and the teeth can be viewed easily for diagnosing issues such as bone loss, dental caries, infection of the dental pulp, or periodontal disease. X-rays are incredibly important, as early diagnosis and treatment of many conditions can reduce their severity.


At Bay Dental Health, patients can enjoy digital x-rays. When compared to more conventional radiography, there are several benefits. There is much less radiation needed to produce digital x-rays, specifically around 70%. Additionally, digital x-rays are processed immediately rather than the time needed to develop more traditional means of x-rays. This method is environmentally friendly, easier to archive, and can be easily enhanced for precision views of the smile. All of these combine to give our patients a wonderful experience at the dental office. Digital x-rays have shown to be a great investment in our patients, allowing the team of Bay Dental Health to provide services not available to patients at other dental practices in the community. We continue to invest in our practice to ensure patients have access to the services required to improve their dental health and wellness quickly and easily.


Dr. Eugene Antenucci and the team of Bay Dental Health encourage patients to make an appointment and learn more about digital x-rays and other cutting edge solutions available in the practice. It is conveniently located in Bayshore, NY at 1579 Brentwood Road and can be reached by calling (631) 665-8484. We accept new and existing patients in and around the community who are seeking quality, comprehensive dental care solutions for their smiles.