Bay Shore NY Dentist Debunks Myths of the Mouth

Here at your Bay Shore NY Dentist, Bay Dental Health, we have heard it all. Everyone has their own folktale, myth or family secret for bettering or keeping their teeth healthy. While some of these myths can be pretty outlandish, and not believable in any regard…some sound legitimate enough and could actually work. Below are three of the more popular “tooth care myths” we hear and wish to debunk for you.


“My neighbor is addicted to soda but kept getting cavities, so she switched to diet because it’s better for you.”


While diet soda uses artificial sweeteners instead of plaque causing sugar in their ingredients, it does not mean your mouth gets away without any damage. The levels of acid from regular to diet soda seems to be about the same, and can be as dangerous, if not more so, than sugar. Too much acid exposure to the teeth can wear down enamel, the protective outer layer of the teeth. This can lead to decay, sensitivity, discoloration and other dental problems. It turns out the only way to be “drinking better” is to go with good old fashioned water.


“My grandpa used baking soda in the old country to whiten his teeth before all these new at-home kits and toothpaste, and he has a gorgeous smile.”


Baking soda can undoubtedly be used to clean the teeth and remove stains when rendered to a paste by mixing some water with it. In fact, many “old fashioned” toothpastes were essentially baking soda with minor other ingredients- hence the same company name on the box in your refrigerator and the tube in your bathroom. However, long term usage of this method, if the mixture is not properly balanced, could lead to erosion of enamel due to the abrasive nature of baking soda. Choosing a whitening session with your Bay Shore NY Dentist is the ultimate way to whiten your teeth…but you may also consult your dentist to see what the best method to accomplish this at home is.


“Crushing an aspirin on a tooth relieves the pain.”


Aspirin helps relieve pain when it enters the bloodstream, and on the top of your tooth, there are not many entry points for this. In fact, given its makeup, crushing the tablet may actually be able to give you a burn on your gums or soft tissue. By swallowing the pill you may seem some temporary relief, but ultimately, a chronic and frequent toothache requires seeing your Bay Shore NY Dentist to assess and treat the situation.


Avoid the myths and let your proper, permanent dental treatment come from Bay Dental Health. Make an appointment by calling (631) 665-8484 today!