Our Dentist in Bay Shore NY Shares the Benefits of Fluoride for Adults

When we hear about fluoride, the first thing we think of is children.  They are regularly given fluoride treatments at each routine dental appointment.  This helps them to grow strong, permanent teeth, prevent tooth decay and guard against other dental issues.  The question many people ask is should adults be worried about fluoride?  Is a fluoride treatment important for the oral care of adults as well? The short answer is yes!  Fluoride is equally important for the well-being of adults and will aid in your overall oral health as well.

Why Fluoride is Important

Fluoride plays a vital role in every stage of tooth development.  Fluoride can help with:
1. Supply additional calcium to your teeth for maintaining their strength and health
2. Strengthening the enamel
3. Lowering the likelihood of developing cavities
4. Decreasing the chances of oral related diseases and other problems
So you see, having fluoride is important, even when you are an adult. 

Getting Fluoride as an Adult

Dental insurances do not typically cover fluoride treatments for adults past the age of 14.  You could also choose to pay for these treatments yourself.  If you prefer, there are some other options to get the fluoride that your teeth need:
1. Incorporate oral products that contain additional fluorides such as in your toothpaste or mouthwash.
2. Eat a nutritious and balanced meal to ensure you are receiving all of your nutrients and minerals.  If you need additional nutrients beyond what you receive in your diet, be sure to take a supplement.
3. Drink plenty of water.  Make sure that it has been enhanced with fluoride.
It is important to note that fluoride does decrease at higher rates in adults.  Acids in your mouth start to strip away the tooth enamel, making it even more important to get fluoride.  If you find that you’ve tried every option you can do at home, and still aren’t getting the fluoride you need, then treatments are going to be the only option.
If you are lacking the fluoride you need in your body, be sure to consult your dentist.  They will be able to give you some more options and check for permanent issues caused by the lack of fluoride. Trying to find a dentist in Bayshore, NY? Call Bay Dental Health today for high quality dental care at (631) 665-8484.