Best Dentist in Bay Shore Wants Patients to Know how a Glass of Water can Improve Your Teeth

It’s no surprise that drinking water is good for you! Substituting your harmful drinks like iced coffees, sodas, or juices with water is not only going to be healthy for your body, it’ll be healthy for your teeth, as well! Learn more about the multiple dental benefits that water can give you from the best dentist in Bay Shore and why you should be drinking much more of it.


Rehydrates Better than Other Drinks
No matter what your favorite athlete promotes during their commercials, nothing rehydrates you better than a tall cup of water. Sports drinks are advertising energy with electrolytes, but the large amounts of sugar and other harmful ingredients in these beverages will only slow you down. These sugars are harming your stomach and attacking your teeth with large amounts of acidity. If you switch your workout or sports drink with water, then you’ll get the boost that you need without leaving you sluggish after consuming large amounts.


Fights Tooth Decay
Many drinks that people indulge in are usually harmful, from coffee (hot or iced), sodas, juices, alcoholic drinks, and even smoothies. Previously stated, the amounts of sugar, acidity, and other harmful tooth attacking ingredients are damaging your enamel and can eventually cause tooth decay. If it’s not an option to eliminate some of these drinks from your everyday diet, then consuming water after each drink will help lower the possibility of decay.


Creates Protective Minerals for Enamel
As the water is fighting against the acidity and sugars, it’s also helping rebuild the protective minerals for your enamel. When you drink water, you’re allowing the water to trigger saliva to begin flowing. Saliva creates those minerals, so water is only enhancing and quickening the process instead of allowing other drinks to fight back. If you rinse your mouth out after eating or drinking something that’s particularly damaging, you’re ridding of that harmful residue.


Drinking water is the best solution for your overall health! The benefits of adding a glass of water during meals and after harmful drinks will be noticeable to your dentist. If you have any questions, contact the best dentist in Bay Shore by calling this number (631) 665-8484 or clicking here to request an appointment.