Bay Shore, NY General Dentist Shares Effects of Beer on Teeth

Many people that head out to the bar to grab a cold one rarely think about how it affects the teeth. Let’s take a closer look at what the brew means for your teeth.
Beer and Dental Care
Moderate alcohol consumption is considered to be a drink a day for a woman and two for men. What might surprise you is that your dentist can tell if you regularly consume beer.
What makes beer terrible for the teeth? Take a look. 
The acids found in alcohol wear down your tooth enamel. This leaves them exposed and in danger. The first complication is staining. That’s because there are various malts and barley inside that beer which give it the flavor and color you appreciate. When you add citrus to your beer like an orange slice, you only further complicate the situation. You introduce sugar and acidic citrus to your teeth.
Dry Mouth
By itself, beer doesn’t cause you to lose salvia production. It’s actually a result of alcohol, whether you choose to consume it as a chilled lager, spirits or glass of wine. Saliva is essential to protecting your teeth from decay. That’s because it washes away the plaque and bacteria sitting on your teeth. 
When the saliva production is lowered, your mouth adds more sticky plaque to the teeth. This leads to decay, gingivitis and eventually tooth loss.
Other Complications
Beer is also shown to interrupt your natural sleep patterns. You might think that has nothing to do with your teeth, but you are wrong. When you get less rest, you are at a higher risk of periodontal disease. No one wants that.
What Should You Do?
We aren’t suggesting that you never have your favorite drink. You just need to enjoy it in moderation. Limit your servings and drink water afterward. It will help to wash the beer off your teeth. If you can, use a straw when you drink to help bypass the teeth. 
Most importantly make sure that you are taking the steps to proper dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing are essential in protecting your teeth from harm. Talk to your Bay Shore, NY dentist if you need further guidance.