Bayshore, NY General Dentist Shares Foods to Avoid After Teeth-Whitening

After you spend the time and money on teeth-whitening treatments, you want to ensure that nothing ruins the progress. For many people, this means you should avoid eating certain foods. This will keep your teeth whiter and free from stains.
Foods You Can Enjoy
There are some foods that will help you to keep your teeth white. Choosing firm fruits and vegetables like cauliflowers, carrots, green beans, celery and apples will help scrub the teeth while you are chewing. It is like having a mini brushing during your meal. You can keep many of these options to eat as healthy snacks on the go as well. They will also increase the flow of saliva which is known to neutralize the acid and protect the teeth.
If you enjoy foods with dairy, this should make you happy! Any dairy product that is high in calcium can also aid in keeping your teeth white. Lactic acid is known to protect teeth from decay. Hard cheeses can help to remove the leftover food in the teeth. Dairy products are also good for your other bones.
Foods to Avoid
There are certain foods and drinks you will need to avoid if you want to keep your teeth white. The biggest culprit is tobacco. If you are a smoker, now is the time to stop; not just because it will stain your teeth but also for your health. Other foods and drinks that can cause stains are soft drinks, wine, blueberries and soy sauce.
The main reason patients undergo teeth whitening treatments is because their teeth are already stained. To avoid needing these treatments in the first place, be sure you are careful what you eat or drink. Prevention is always a better option over treatment.
Whitening treatments can cause your teeth to become sensitive. Before you undergo any at-home whitening plan, be sure you consult with your dentist. Many times you can receive a better treatment by visiting your dentist and having the whitening process done professionally. Your Bayshore, NY general dentist is available to show you the best options and walk with you through the journey to whiter teeth.
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