Bay Shore NY Dentist asks “To Rinse or Not to Rinse?”

It seems that almost daily your Bay Shore NY dentist is asked about the pillars of a good daily oral health regimen. Of course, we always recommend twice daily brushing for at least two minutes per session and, at least, flossing once a day.
Most patients will interject at this point and say: “But what about mouthwash?” 
Although mouth washing is not 100% “needed” in a regimen, its inclusion can be extremely beneficial. Many will simply use mouthwash to have a good scented breath in the morning, after a meal, etc., - but it holds many other values as well. Mouthwash can help fight against gum diseases, like gingivitis, as well as reduce your risk of tooth decay, tartar buildup and can even whiten the teeth too. 
But how do you choose a mouthwash? How long should you swish? What ingredients are usually inside of a mouthwash? And at the end of the day…do you really even NEED to mouthwash?
Find answers to all of the above questions and so many more by reviewing the following mouthwash guide on WebMD: Click Here.
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