Dentists in Bay Shore NY Say Chew on The Following...

Many dental professionals, as well as parents, teachers and well- a majority of the population frown upon chewing gum. Not only can it be socially unacceptable at different times, but it also hasn’t been known to be the healthiest practice for the teeth. However, today your dentists in Bay Shore NY are here to discuss some new research that actually proves to the contrary of this typical gum stigma.

Could chewing gum actually be beneficial to oral health?


As it turns out, yes. Researchers have seen that varieties of gum, all sugarless and/or containing artificial sweeteners such as xylitol, are actually beneficial to the mouth. In some cases, the research indicates that gum chewing could be as helpful as brushing and flossing daily in eliminating cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.


The gum works in a two-prong approach to cleaning your mouth. The xylitol (or other artificial sweeteners) helps by reducing formations of biofilms in the mouth. These biofilms can usually lead to decay and disease-causing bacteria from forming down the line, so this is a plus. Secondly, the reason gum so often gets us in trouble under desks or in hair, its adhesive quality works in favor of the mouth. Bacteria, at the number of approximately 1 million a minute, can be removed from the mouth after adhering to the gum from chewing.


But what about the downfalls or exceptions? As with many of these “too good to be true” tips, there has to be a catch- and there is one here. The timing in which gum is chewed seems to be the issue up for debate. Chewing gum was found to be most effective within the first 30 seconds in the mouth, while adhesive properties are still in full bloom, compared to 10 minutes down the line when this falters. So the fresher and stickier the better, and maybe don’t wait until the flavor runs out to toss it out, properly of course.


Although it may be tempting to ditch the old floss and brush for a pack of gum tomorrow, your dentists in Bay Shore NY still advise against it. Nothing can get between your teeth like floss, scrub away at stains like a toothbrush and help maintain and check up on your oral health like twice-yearly appointments with our Bay Shore dental office.


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