Here You’ll Find a Dentist in Bay Shore NY to Help Prevent Cavities by Avoiding these Snacks


It’s no surprise that everyone enjoys indulging in snacks once in a while, whether it’s sweet candy, melting chocolate or crunchy potato chips. They’re easy to grab, convenient to eat, and usually taste delicious. Unfortunately, these snacks that you’re diving into are harming your body in multiple ways. The first time you come in contact with these snacks, they’re directly affecting your teeth in negative ways. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that will help save your teeth from these snacks!


Dried Fruit
This has been becoming a more and more popular snack throughout the years since they’re just as convenient as candies and chips. Many patients think that they’re a better alternative than the previous snacks because they’re still fruits, but this is a common misconception. Because these fruits are ‘dried,’ they’ve lost all of their natural nutrients from the water that they held. They’re processed with sugars and become much stickier, so they’re more likely to stick to your teeth and spread bacteria.


No, this technically isn’t a snack that people eat every day, but it’s something that people enjoy enough that it’s worth mentioning. Sometimes, the best part of an iced drink when you’re out at dinner is to crunch on the ice after you’ve finished. This is something that should be avoided because there are several issues that can arise—the intense cold temperature can give you a toothache if it comes in contact with the root of your tooth, you can crack, chip, or break one of your teeth, or damage your tooth enamel, which is the surface of your teeth in order to protect the inside of your teeth.


Certain Starches
Of course not all starches are bad for you, but there are some that are more harmful than others. After foods like white bread and pasta are chewed and broken down, it turns into a soft, sweet paste-like texture that’s mostly sugar and sticks to the surface of and in between your teeth, much like dried fruits and other candies. If left there for too long, the bacteria can surely create cavities. This also goes for potato chips and pretzels, creating the same problem.


Make sure that you brush and floss after eating something particularly sticky or harmful! And don’t forget to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY by calling our office at (631) 665-8484 or clicking here to request an appointment online.