Bayshore NY General Dentist Shows Why Eating Sweets at Work can Damage Your Smile


Enjoying snacks are work seems like a tradition; it’s exciting to see pastries as you wander into your office kitchen! Whether it’s for a celebration or just because, you always get a giddy feeling when you find some desserts to munch on early in the day. Unfortunately, eating cakes and muffins in between breakfast and lunch, or in between lunch and dinner, can increase your chances of tooth decay and other overall health issues.


When you see vegetables and fruit in the office kitchen, it simply doesn’t elicit the same kind of excitement as when you see sweet treats! The idea behind eating dessert-type snacks during your workday is because they are seen as treats, as a reward, and as something you don’t commonly have. This can happen every day, which can mean that someone could be consistently snacking on desserts throughout their work week.


For a majority of adults, work is their primary source of sweet and sugary foods. If they’re not one to eat these items at home, they’re more likely to eat them at work. Not only will this negatively affect their oral and dental health, but treats in the kitchen may cause people to give into the temptation of dessert throughout their day.


We certainly don’t want to discourage snacks at the workplace! We just want to ensure that patients are eating what’s good for them for both their dental and overall health.  If you want to continue to take care of your smile, whether you’re at home, on the go, or during your bi-annual visit, call our office today at (631) 665-8484 to schedule an appointment with your Bayshore NY general dentist or to ask any questions or concerns that you may have.