Dentists in Bay Shore NY Lists Possible Outcomes for Patients who Don’t Floss


Although it’s a simple task and should be implemented into your daily dental routine, there’s a large majority of the American population that doesn’t floss their teeth. Whether it’s due to forgetfulness or ignorance, when you don’t floss your teeth, you’re putting your oral health at a great risk. Your dentists in Bay Shore NY provide possible situations that your teeth could face when they’re not being flossed.


Bleeding Gums
Your gums are more sensitive than you think, but one thing is for sure—they’re not supposed to bleed when you brush your teeth or eat something. If this is happening, then you may be experiencing an early form of gum disease, gingivitis. If you continue to ignore your oral health routine, periodontitis can occur, which is an irreversible stage of gum disease. Taking a few minutes out of each day after you brush your teeth to floss can save your gums from suffering.


Tooth Loss
Periodontitis, or gum disease, is an infection where your gums begin to recede and pull away from your teeth. During this process, your teeth can become loose because they’re slowly but surely losing the structure that’s holding them together. The bacteria moves into the small spaces where your gums are pulling away and infects the area.


Tooth Decay
Bacteria easily gets stuck in between your teeth and if you’re not flossing these spaces, you’re allowing it to linger and cause an infection. It begins with cavities and breaks down your tooth’s enamel that’s meant to protect your teeth. If cavities aren’t properly taken care of in the right amount of time, these holes that they’re causing can go deeper and harm the nerves in your teeth. Tooth decay is another reason for tooth loss.


Bad Breath & Yellow Teeth
While this may not seem like a major issue to some, these can lead to some of the problems listed above. Bad breath, or halitosis, can destroy your enamel because of the food particles that are stuck in between your teeth. Yellow teeth are caused by neglect of your daily dental routine. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth every day, these issues can come faster than you know and cause worse dental problems down the road.


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