Dentists in Bayshore NY Explain Causes of Swollen Gums

Bay Dental Health, Dentists in Bayshore NY see it every day: swollen gums. These cases can undoubtedly lead to some of the most uneasy feelings you, the patient, can encounter when it comes to your oral health.


Bleeding while you brush or floss, discoloring of tissue and severe pains are all signs that your gums may have a serious, swelling issue. Though it is easy to become lost in the grasps of this pesky condition, preventing it from continuing or furthering into a more serious problem, such as tooth loss, is just as simple.


The following examples are some causes and ways to relieve your swollen gums to take into consideration:

Tartar and plaque buildup is the number one cause of any swelling with the gums. The bacteria built up along the gum line, and potentially into the pockets surrounding the teeth, can cause an inflamed response that can only get worse from there. Thorough brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings with Bay Dental Health, your Dentists in Bayshore NY are best as far as prevention is concerned.


Other causes of the swelling could include allergic reactions, stuck food (such as popcorn kernels), misaligned teeth, faulty dental restorations, medications or even hormones.


Again, to prevent the onset of swollen gums, brush and floss regularly. Also using a topical rinse with the right combination of ingredients and/or a diet more rich in vegetables and vitamins could prevent any of these unhealthy, unwanted obstacles from putting a damper on your day.


If you think you suffer from swollen gums or just want to prevent them from happening to you, please contact your Dentists in Bayshore NY, Bay Dental Health at (631) 665- 8484 and schedule an appointment today!