Best Dentist in Bay Shore on Toothbrush Upkeep

No matter if it is electric or manual, pink or blue, company A or company B…your toothbrush is hands down one of the essential pieces of the puzzle that is your oral health. By participating in twice daily brushings for at least two minutes per session, you are putting in the required effort that can help you when it comes to preventing tooth decay and maintaining a healthy smile. And while the little microscopic bacteria you are scrubbing away take a long venture down your drain at the end of every spit, we all know more of them are lurking everywhere, just waiting. Today, the best dentist in Bay Shore is here with some tips on how to treat your brush between cleanings to ensure it is in the best form when you need it to perform.
Pre and post-brushing, a simple and quick step most patients do habitually already can save your mouth from bacteria running free. Run hot water from your faucet (or water source of choice) and rub your finger lightly through the bristles of the head of the brush. This motion and heat will allow a break up of any bacteria that has stuck to your brush since last cleaning or that is still in there after you just finished. When you are complete this and just about to put down your brush, storage is another key step to consider.
Make sure your brush is stored in a container that allows it to be both upright and well-ventilated. Make sure it is not touching any other brushes or surfaces or that the head is covered. If the holder your place it in has a closed bottom, make sure to wipe the fixture out frequently, as leftover bacteria can sometimes drip to the bottom and start to colonize in such a place.
While taking these steps will ensure brush health, you must also consider brush integrity as well. Every 3 to 4 months your bristles will have seen enough “wear and tear” from your daily habit that they warrant a replacement. Make sure you know when to toss it out and seek a new partner in your battle against decay.
The best dentist in Bay Shore at Bay Dental Health know that toothbrush care is not always the #1 priority of your busy day-to-day list. Just take into mind that by following these simple steps you can be saving time and money in the long run by practicing these proper preventive and maintenance techniques. 
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