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Today we have composed a blog dedicated to our male patients, as June is Men’s Health Month. We will be looking at some statistics and facts correlating to men’s oral health that have been discovered from recent polls conducted by Delta Dental, as well as giving some advice to help improve the health of our XY care seekers.


Let us start with some of the more startling facts we discovered:


  • Under 50% of men brush their teeth the suggested 2x daily.
  • Men are much less likely to seek regular care from a dentist.


The combination of these two facts indeed can lead men to be worse off for their oral health. By not brushing and seeing a dentist regularly, at least twice yearly, issues including disease and decay can fester and not only be more damaging and harder to deal with, but more costly to treat.

Other statistics divulged include:


34% of men ages 30-54 were also found to have some type of gum disease, which puts them at higher risks from a variety of cancers and heart disease- which is responsible for a quarter of the deaths of men in the U.S. yearly.


By age 72, most men will lose an average of 5 teeth, up to 12 if you are a smoker. Men also are at a higher risk for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and E.D. due to their lack of preventative care and developing a constant oral health routine at home.


Our advice?


Start brushing, at least twice daily for two minutes per session. Floss once daily to get those hard to reach places between the teeth clean and to avoid gum disease. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that includes vitamin and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables too.


Last but not least, don’t forget to see your dentist! If you are trying to find a dentist in Bayshore NY- make sure to schedule twice-yearly appointments (at least) with Bay Dental Health. You can do so by calling our office at (631) 665-8484.