Eugene Antenucci DDS Shares Tips on how to Better your Oral Health

Dr. Eugene Antenucci DDS has some advice for those patients that wish to better their dental health. By changing your eating habits and increasing your vitamin intake, you can greatly improve your dental health. Aside from brushing and flossing, we can take other steps to help our oral health as well.


Eugene Antenucci DDS recommends limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume throughout the day. You should try to limit carbs between mealtimes, and if possible, only eat them during meals. Carbs turn into simple sugars as they enter our body, and then the sugar turns into plaque.


Carbs also have a chewy and sticky texture, and, therefore, they are more likely to stick on our teeth and get stuck in between. According to Eugene Antenucci DDS, eating carbs only during mealtime can help to prevent dental decay because our saliva flow is increased when we eat larger quantities, and saliva helps to wash away some of the food particles and bacteria.


Another recommendation from Eugene Antenucci DDS to help fight dental decay and cavities is to drink black and green teas. Certain teas contain polyphenols, antioxidant plant compounds, which help to prevent bacteria and plaque from sticking to your teeth. These teas can also help neutralize and eliminate bad breath.


Drinking soda, coffee, juices, energy and sports drinks can have negative effects on your teeth. If you can’t resist, however, Eugene Antenucci DS says to drink out of a straw. Drinking through a straw and aiming towards the back of your mouth can help decrease exposure time. The less your teeth come in contact with these beverages, the healthier they will be.


Increasing your daily intake of vitamin C is another great way to better your dental health. Vitamin C is the cement that holds your cells together and, by consuming enough of it, you can greatly decrease your chance of gingivitis and gum disease.


Many different vitamins help to contribute to your dental health. Eugene Antenucci DDS recommends consuming between 800 to 1,200mg of calcium a day. Calcium can help to strengthen the alveolar bone in the jaw, which is what helps to hold your teeth in place.


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