Bay Shore NY Dentist on Mouthwash Myths

With an extremely high number of in-store oral health aids available, questions concerning the benefits or qualities of these items can be high as well. And while your Bay Shore NY dentist typically and frequently will answer questions concerning different types of toothpaste or toothbrushes, mouthwash inquiries do not come up so often...but they do exist. In order to help debunk some of the most common stigmas or myths surrounding mouthwash, that is why we write today.


Mouthwash Can Cure Bad Breath


Not totally true. Mouthwashes do indeed assist in clearing up bad breath temporarily but do not necessarily act as a cure-all. One of the main considerations to make when it comes to this is the source of the bad breath. Sure, mouthwash can kill some oral bacteria lingering because of dietary choices, but if prolonged halitosis plagues you, perhaps disease or tooth decay can be the cause. If that is the case, no matter how much you swish- a visit to your Bay Shore NY dentist to clear up and treat the issue will be required.


Mouthwash > Brushing


Again, sadly, not true. While using mouthwash in cooperation with brushing can help wash away any lingering particles loosened up by brushing, or eradicate bacteria, it cannot do the entire job by itself. Not to mention, many bottles of mouthwash contain alcohol in them, and frequent usage (such as replacing brushing habits with it) can subsequently result in a dry mouth and other oral health problems.


All Mouthwashes Are Created Equal


Lastly…another largely false statement. Many types of mouthwash are created with specific goals in mind, such as helping to whiten teeth, eliminate bacteria, help in saliva production, etc. With that said, they contain different ingredients that could be beneficial or detrimental to your oral health. It is fairly safe to assume that you can use a generic mouthwash daily without complications, but overall to pick the best mouthwash for you, consult your Bay Shore NY dentist.


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