Bayshore NY Dentist on Improving Your Mouth Naturally

Nothing can really replace the need for everyday flossing and brushing to keep your mouth nice and healthy. Alongside regularly scheduled visits to your Bayshore NY dentist, there are a few things that can be a supplement to your oral health, however. Below, we review a few natural practices in which 

you can engage to further boost the overall aesthetics and quality of the health of your amazing smile.


The first, and most important practice that benefits not just your mouth, but supports your entire life is to drink plenty of water! Good old H20 helps wash away any particles that may be trapped in between the teeth or in hard to reach places, and also can boost saliva production. Try to avoid the “sports” or “flavored” type waters, because they likely contain high levels of sugar or citric acid that may help in taste, but harm the teeth.


Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet can be a big plus for your mouth as well. Chewing on such items as broccoli while raw can help polish the teeth, and even give a boost of mouth healthy vitamins. Apples can help whiten teeth, produce saliva and give you extra nutrients you may be missing too. While there are so many options to choose from that can supply the above benefits and even help remove leftover food particles, try to keep in mind what ones you are eating and in what quantities. Too much acidic fruit (oranges, lemon, etc.) can eventually wear away at the enamel.


To help with your after-meal breath, there are a few options you can turn to. Instead of a sugary gum or mint, try to chew on a cinnamon stick or xylitol-enhanced gum to freshen your breath and to kill bacteria after a meal. For a nightcap, alcohol can dry the mouth out and lead to unpleasant odors. Try drinking tea, especially green tea, to help not only wash away leftover food particles but also halt bacterial growth. Like most things, however, too much of an item can sometimes be detrimental, as some varieties of tea can lead to potential staining of the teeth, so be weary of how much you consume.


By following some of these natural steps to enhance your teeth, alongside a proper at-home regimen and regularly scheduled appointments with your Bayshore NY dentist, you can promote a healthy smile for years to come. Call (631) 665-8484 to request an appointment today!