At Home Teeth Whitening in the 11706

While you may already know that Bay Dental Health offers some of the top options for teeth whitening in the 11706 area, we know that it may not always be easy for you to get into office to seek these treatments.


The desire to have a brighter smile is one that can exist 24/7, not just necessarily inside of our office walls. We get it! And for that very reason, we have provided you with the following blog about how to achieve a naturally white smile at home, just by basically altering a few behaviors and habits!


Keep an Eye on Your Diet

For anyone that keeps up with our Bay Shore dental blogs, it is no real surprise how important a role diet plays in the health of the teeth. While choosing what to eat and drink in order to maintain a white smile, try avoiding anything that may have dark pigments. Teas, coffee, soda, some sauces and the like all can stain the teeth over time. It is a good rule of thumb that it if it is hard to wash out of your shirt when you spill some, it will be hard to remove from your teeth. Try adding fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of water to keep staining particles away as much as possible.


Put Down that Butt or Cocktail

Our vices can play just as detrimental a role to our oral health as poor dietary choices. Tobacco can stain the teeth with inherent nicotine and tar levels, and alcohol may contain various dark pigments. Both of these can also lead to underproduction from the saliva glands, which can have a whole other slew of oral health problems.


Maintain a Regimen

Lastly, besides watching your intake of certain dietary and other substances, brushing twice and flossing once daily is the ultimate way to maintain a white smile. Remove the particles and bacteria that lead to discoloration, decay and disease before they can get a hold on the grin you love.


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