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We all would like to have a perfect smile consisting of straight and white teeth that are able to dazzle people that you come across. Cosmetic dentistry consists of dental work that is usually done to improve the appearance of the mouth including the teeth, bite, and gums. This may include changing the color and shape of teeth or even changing the alignment of the teeth.


With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the new trends of cosmetic dentistry procedures that will provide you with different options for improving your teeth. Some of the cosmetic procedures that have seen a rise in popularity in recent years include:


·         Invisalign teeth straightening

·         Bonding

·         Crowns

·         3D dentistry

·         Teeth whitening


These procedures can go a long way in helping a patient to feel more comfortable and confident when smiling.



These are also known as invisible braces. They are usually a good alternative to the metal braces and can help in the straightening of teeth in the less time as the traditional braces would be. One of the reasons why they are quite popular is that they aren’t quite visible. The reason why this method has become popular is that it is less obvious as compared to the metal braces.



Statistics show that this is one of the procedures that was most requested in 2016 when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Their goal is usually to replace teeth that are either missing or are severely damaged.



This procedure is suitable for adults whose goal is to correct the look of the crooked or misaligned teeth while improving the smile. The porcelain veneers are usually bonded on teeth to repair them while hiding the tooth stains and gaps in the teeth.


3D tooth printing

This is without doubt an exciting innovation that is being experimented. Over a period of many years, dentists who have the right technology are able to create the new teeth using scanners, ceramic material blocks, as well as 3D modeling software.


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