Make Sure You're Saving Your Smile at All Times with Tips from Your Dentists in Bay Shore NY


Everybody knows that they’re supposed to brush and floss their teeth every morning and every night! But that doesn’t mean that everyone does it. Unfortunately, a majority of American citizens don’t brush their teeth at the night, whether it’s because they’re forgetful, don’t want to, or are simply too tired to do so. Your dentists in Bay Shore NY want patients to know what happens overnight when you haven’t brushed your teeth and what are some tips to improve your oral health.


When you don’t brush your teeth before you go to sleep, your mouth isn’t properly cleaning itself like it does when you’re awake during the day. Since you don’t swallow when you’re sleeping, whatever lingering bacteria that’s there in your mouth is sticking around, fighting against your tooth enamel that’s working to protect your teeth.


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