Bay Shore NY General Dentist State of the Art Equipment

If you’re trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY, look no further! Dr. Eugene Antenucci DDS is here to serve all of your dental needs. Our Bay Shore NY dental practice is equipped with the latest in dental technology. Our advanced dentistry has a vast array of procedures and option to choose from.


Dental technology and its’ benefits:


If you are trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that has cone-beam 3D imaging, we have it!

What is cone-beam 3D imaging? Our Bay Shore NY Dental office is one of the few to use this technological advancement so far. This technology provides an extremely diagnostic, low-dose x-ray for use in many different procedures.


Our dental office, however, can provide this service right at our office and for a low cost. Many other dentists in the area require their patients to visit a third party for these expensive x-rays. If you are trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that can serve all of your needs, we can!


Our office also has an autoclave sterilization  system. This benefits our patients because it ensures proper sterilization for all of our equipment. This system uses a pressurized, self-locking chamber that heats solutions above their boiling point for optimal sterilization.


Whether you are trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY for cosmetic or general dentistry, we do it all. We even have computer imaging software which allows us to photograph our patients and then graphically enhance their teeth to create “after” photos. This can help patient to envision what their smile will look like after treatment.


Our Bay Shore NY dentist office is also equipped with the devices needed for laser dentistry. DIAGNOdent® is a diagnostic laser tool that helps us to discover dental decay before a tooth has been compromised. We also use Diode Lasers to treat soft tissue problems (such as gum disease) and to perform minor surgical procedures.


No matter what service you need, if you are trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY call (631) 665-8484 to schedule an appointment with the best dentists in town.