Restoring Teeth with Durable Long-Lasting Restorations

When a back tooth calls for a larger restoration, either due to tooth decay or when replacing amalgam fillings, tooth-colored filings made from a strong ceramic dental material are used. This type of restoration is more compatible with the natural tooth design, and is considered to be far more durable than metal fillings. The restoration is attached to teeth tightly, minimizing further destruction of the tooth and tooth decay. Considering that the materials we use are so durable, they can predictably be used to restore back teeth, where strain from chewing is inevitable.


Tooth-colored fillings support the remaining tooth structure, help to avoid cracks and splits, and insulate the tooth from temperature changes that can trigger soreness in hypersensitive nerve endings. Tooth-colored fillings are excellent for restoring teeth while offering the most beautifully satisfying end results possible.