Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy involves the removal of damaged dental pulp (the nerve of the tooth). In order to eliminate infection, permanent removal of the nerve of the tooth, is necessary to eliminate an abscess (infection) that forms inside the bone at the end of the root of the tooth. Dental abscesses, when left untreated, cause severe pain and discomfort, reoccurring infection, and in some cases life threatening conditions.


A broken tooth or a severe dental caries allow bacteria to enter into the canals inside of the tooth, infecting the dental pulp. If allowed to progress, the infection might result in a great deal harm that may call for the complete removal of the tooth. Root canal therapy is tailored to prevent the type of damage that triggers the need for a tooth removal. Teeth that have root canal therapy preformed on them function efficiently and provide many years of usage, when cared for properly.


During the course of root canal treatment, we clear away the patient’s diseased pulp, disinfect the canal to relieve it from microorganisms and germs, and then seal off it to help keep other microorganisms and bacteria out. A dental crown will then be adhered to the tooth, returning it to full functioning capacity.