TMJ Therapy

TMJ disorders cause a number of frustrating symptoms, including joint soreness in the jaw, shoulder ache, headaches, earaches, and tooth pain. The clicking or popping of the jaw (when it is opened wide) is one of the many symptoms of TMJ disorder. Among the most common sources of TMJ disorder are teeth grinding or jaw clenching, that put the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) under unnecessary stress.


Dr. Antenucci offers bite treatment for patients suffering from TMJ ailment symptoms. Bite therapy consists of a careful analysis of the jawbones, joints, and muscular tissues in order to assess the cause(s) of the TMJ disorder signs. We also coach patients in jaw exercises that are used to help alleviate jaw misalignments, increase jaw control, and decrease clenching and grinding.


Splint treatment is another one of the many available treatments for TMJ disorders offered here. Splint appliances are utilized to help alleviate several of the causes and symptoms of TMJ disorder along with many other forms of craniofacial discomfort. For jaw clenchers and teeth grinders, we create a custom-designed a splint appliance by taking a detailed impression of the patient’s teeth. We send the impression to our dental lab where your custom fit splint is fabricated using a high quality of dental materials. Dental splints hinder patients from clenching and grinding while promoting optimum jaw alignment.


Providing TMJ therapy in Bayshore NY gives patients the opportunity to treat this disorder with a professional like Dr. Antenucci. Call our office today at (631) 665-8484 if you have any questions.