Dental Implants

Dental implants offer exceptional long-term solutions for missing teeth. With long-lasting titanium posts that literally become part of your jawbone, paired with natural-looking teeth that are fastened to the outer portion of the implants, dental implants restore the mouth to full functioning capability and substantially enhance the overall aesthetics of the smile.


Dental implants are also essential to oral health. A person eventually becomes more prone for gum recession and bone loss when teeth are missing. By battling these problems, dental implants can help to protect the delicate facial structure that are all too often lost with conventional dentures and strengthen the patient’s ability to bite.


Dr. Antenucci offers Mini Dental Implants, which are ideal for the stabilization of lower dentures, specifically for people with missing back teeth. Dentures for back teeth often cause difficulties for the wearer, but with tight-fitting dental implants, denture users can eat, talk, and laugh more freely and with greater assurance because their denture is “clipped” into the dental implant.