Dentist in Bay Shore NY Finds A Way To Save Your Tooth

While trying to find a dentist in Bay Shore NY that is truly capable of saving a tooth that is in pain, look no further than Bay Dental Health. One of the best methods of this, although often feared, root canal therapy can be an efficient means of saving tooth structure and relieving pain brought on by deep cavities, cracks or disease.

In order to help reduce some of the ill-perceived disdain for this treatment, today we will be going over and deflating some major rumors surround root canal care.


Root Canals Hurt

While you may have some mild discomfort from the procedure, sure, nothing hurts quite like the opposite: not getting the procedure at all. Infection and disease that often go hand and hand with the need for a root canal can only grow if no steps are taken towards relief. That means these issues can spread deeper, to even places like the jawbone and tissue, and require more treatment, and more money, down the line. Taking care of your tooth trouble with a root canal today is not only saving you loads of pain to endure but money too.


Extractions > Root Canals

Why not just pull the tooth, right? Wrong. Pulling a tooth can result in issues with alignment, jaw structure, bite, dry sockets and more. While removing the tooth may be financially a consideration too, take note that you will need some sort of denture, implant, bridge or other to make sure the alignment and structural issues mentioned previously do not become serious. Root canals save the structure of the tooth by just removing the “bad stuff.” The tooth can continue to live healthily without this infected material inside.


So as we see here, root canals ultimately save the patient from a ton of a headache and pain, both physically and financially. Your dentist in Bay Shore NY has extensive experience with root canal therapy and can help assess your condition and fill you in more on its benefits at your next appointment.


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