Your Dentist in Bayshore NY Wants All Patients to Have the Smile They’ve Always Dreamed Of!


Have you been trying to find a dentist in Bayshore NY that wants to work with you to improve your smile? This process may seem excruciating, but look no further than your dentist at Bay Dental Health! Our mission is to give you the smile that you’ve always wanted, whether you want to whiten your teeth or correct their alignment. One of the most popular dental treatments around is Invisalign, a cosmetic dentistry option that will make you want to show off your smile instead of hiding it!


With Invisalign, patients are able to live their day to day life without worrying about unsightly braces. They’re available for both adults and teens, too! The idea of braces makes many adults uncomfortable because they’re not seen as professional, so they would rather let their teeth suffer than stick it out with braces. Thankfully, Invisalign provides trays that are virtually invisible, making it difficult for anyone to notice that you’re even wearing them! This is also beneficial for teens, who struggle with growing into their bodies and finding out who they are, making this process more difficult with braces.


Depending on your unique smile, treatment may last between several months to two years while the trays work to correctly align your teeth. Keep in mind that these aren’t just any aligners that you buy—they’re made out of a mold of your teeth, with several sets of trays that work over time to create your new and improved smile. They’re worn throughout your entire day, only to be taken off when you eat your three main meals a day and brush your teeth. Not only will this help the look of your teeth, but also their health! You’re less likely to snack in between meals because food can damage the aligners if they come in contact.


These aligners are easy to clean, easy to wear, easy to remove and replace, and make your life easier altogether! This option has given patients all around the world the smile they’ve always wanted, and you could be next!


You no longer have to find a dentist in Bayshore NY to benefit your smile—you’ve found one right here at Bay Dental Health! Contact our office by calling (631) 665-8484 to begin your transformation today!