Bay Shore New York Smile Transformations

Our Smile Gallery contains numerous before and after dental pictures of our very own patients. These before and after dental pictures
help you to visualize the results that you can obtain by restoring the health and
function of your smile. 


Before and after dental pictures are valuable - they will allow you to see firsthand how dental treatment can impact the aesthetics of your smile. When we help a patient achieve their dental goals, whether it's whitening their teeth with a professional treatment, or replacing their mercury fillings with beautiful white dental resin, at the end of their treatment with us, we want to do nothing more than brag to the world about their fabulous results.


As a wonderful gift back to us, actual patients of Dr. Antenucci have allowed us to take and display their before and after dental pictures. These patients came to our office with dental concerns that not only affected the health of their teeth and gums, but their confidence level as well. Self-confidence was a major issue for them, and the aesthetic impact that their specific procedures had on them is unbelievable.


Please take a moment to view our patient Smile Gallery. You will see the enormous impact that simple dental treatments can have on the beauty and presence of our patients' smiles. 


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The patients that graciously allowed us to display their before and after dental pictures all expressed the same thing: the beauty of their smile is as equally important to them as the health of their teeth and gums.We have the ability to treat a wide range of dental issues, all within our Bay Shore, NY location. Enabling you to have the smile of your dreams can in fact finally become a reality for you.


To schedule your appointment with Dr. Antenucci, please contact our office. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about our dental services.


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