What's the Difference Between Specialty and General Dentistry?



When people think of a specific procedure they want done for their smile, they assume that they need to go to a specialist to get the best possible care. But what many patients don't know is that a majority of dental care is performed by a general dentist. There are several areas that dentists can choose to focus on and become a specialist in, but general dentists are all trained in those several areas. It is the choice of your dentist to decide what area they would like to pursue. 


Dr. Antenucci has persued extensive training in implant dentistry. He taught implant dentistry at NYU and went beyond his own dental education to become an expert in implant dental care. While implant dentistry is not considered a specialty, dentists can choose to further their experience, education, and knowledge in a specific area of dentistry to bring comfort to patients who are looking for a dentist to perform a service they're interested in.


Not all general dentists perform the variety of areas that they were originally educated on. It depends on if they're comfortable performing the procedure, if they have enough knowledge or education regarding the procedure, or if they know of a specialist that they trust to refer patients to.


Dr. Antenucci encourages all patients to ask as many questions as possible regarding the procedure they're interested in because they deserve the best! He insists on asking questions and seeing examples of the work that the dentist has performed in any particular procedure so the patient has the comfort of knowing that their dentist is an expert who has chosen to go above and beyond to learn more and improve their skills and education regarding the chosen procedure.


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